Vocational Evaluation

We understand that every individual with a disability is unique, with strengths, barriers, needs and capabilities. At HC Opportunity Center (HCOC), our number one goal is to help our participants acquire their highest level of vocational and economic self-sufficiency and independence through meaningful employment. To accomplish this, we follow a person-centered plan that has proven to bring the success that our participants seek and deserve.

A comprehensive vocational evaluation is conducted by an experienced vocational evaluator who specializes in working with people with barriers to employment. This 10-day assessment takes place at HCOC and is designed to better understand the individual’s needs, interests and vocational potential. Upon completion of the evaluation, a written report with results and recommendations is presented to the individual’s support team and family to determine the next steps.

When enrolled at HCOC, participants are assigned to an appropriate skills-based production location where they can best benefit from the experience. Each participant is assigned a program specialist and a workshop supervisor. This team is essential to assisting each participant with meeting their goals. Click here to learn more about employment in our Skill Development Center.

For those who have developed the skills necessary for entering competitive integrated employment, we work closely with our employment specialist to assure a smooth and successful transition to employment. Click here to learn more about employment in our competitive integrated employment program.

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