Work Center Employment in our Skill Development Center

Many individuals who come to HC Opportunity Center (HCOC) have little to no work experience. We have the opportunity to change that in our Skill Development Center, where participants work on production projects and develop skills and abilities needed to empower them to lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

HCOC has established a safe and positive working environment that promotes personal growth, achievement and self-esteem. Areas of work include assembly, sorting, kitting, repackaging, collating, display making and more. We obtain production jobs from a wide range of businesses, from entrepreneurs to established corporations.

Each of our Skill Development Work Centers supports a team of approximately 15 participants with a workshop supervisor. Each participant works closely with their Work Center Supervisor who helps to plan each worker's day, and helps them to be successful in their tasks.

Transportation is the responsibility of the participant attending. Many of our participants travel by bus, van or family vehicle.

If you would like more information on how we help individuals build their skills and access meaningful opportunities to become work-ready, contact Mariana Tarau.
Mariana Tarau, Senior Director of Operations | 610-384-6990, ext. 219

Mariana Tarau
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