Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE)

Each year at HC Opportunity Center (HCOC), we support over 50 individuals to access rewarding opportunities for competitive, integrated jobs. Our Employment Specialists market this service to potential employers in order to provide a successful match between a company’s needs and an individual’s skills and interests. When employment is secured, the HCOC Employment Specialist continues as a liaison to ensure long-term success between the worker and the employer.

Our Employment Specialists work with prospective workers on the following:

Job Development

  • Resume preparation
  • Interviewing skills and practice
  • Developing relationships with local employers
  • Matching skills and interests to potential jobs

Job Support

  • On-site job coaching to provide training and skills building
  • Long- and short-term follow up and act as a liaison with employer

World of Work Program

  • Our in-house program is approved by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), providing eight sessions of classroom training for job readiness covering customer service, goal setting, interviewing and public speaking skills, workplace boundaries and self-confidence.

Are you interested in learning more? Find out more about the competitive, integrated job opportunities we provide by contacting Chris Broome.
Chris Broome, Director of Employment and Transition Services | 610-384-6990, ext. 210

Chris Broome
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