Adult Daily Living Center (ADLC)

The HC Opportunity Center (HCOC) Adult Daily Living Center is designed to provide personal care and meaningful activities for adults with disabilities. The HCOC program has a one-to-six staff-to-participant ratio which provides an opportunity to establish a trusting and nurturing environment. Program participants include individuals choosing to retire from our skills development center or individuals who choose not to work but want to attend a day program to enjoy activities and make friends.

Special activities include art class, music therapy, dance therapy, bingo, on-site choral, band practice, seated exercise and more.

We schedule field trips using the HCOC wheelchair-accessible bus to go bowling and visit parks and other area attractions.

Outdoor activities include relaxing on our porch or taking walks around our beautiful campus. These activities provide opportunities for participants to maintain and enhance the quality of their lives.

The staff consists of a director, an activities coordinator and trained activities aides, with backgrounds in therapeutic recreation, education and health care. HCOC is licensed by the PA Department of Aging and PA Department of Human Services. In addition to supporting participants, our program offers respite and support for participant family members and other caregivers.

Retired adults with disabilities have a great, safe place to go. For more information on our Adult Daily Living Center, please contact:
Linda Zimmerman, Director of the Adult Daily Living Center (ADLC) | 610-384-6990, ext. 359

Linda Zimmerman
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