An Extraordinary Vision Remains an Extraordinary Mission

In 1961, a few parents created a place for adult children with disabilities to occupy their time. This idea began as Handi-Crafters, and as a result of growth and changing attitudes, has become HC Opportunity Center (HCOC), including a reputable outsourcing business.

Proud of our heritage, we retained the "HC" to represent Handi-Crafters. "Opportunity Center" represents our commitment to providing outsourcing solutions that empower individuals with employment barriers. Our programs open up a world of opportunity for businesses, participants, and the community.

From school graduation to retirement, hundreds of individuals have reached personal goals with HCOC. The safe, caring environment HCOC provides helps each individual develop skills and abilities that promote growth and self-esteem.

HCOC has evolved and continues to grow, helping our participants enhance their skills to participate in their community. The teamwork and pride in their accomplishments have earned participants a paycheck and our customers' respect as dependable, efficient workers.

To learn more about HCOC, please contact us. We invite you to come in and take a tour and learn more about our programs and services.

Helping individuals with Barriers to Employment Reach Their Full Potential Since 1961

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